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About Us

Our staff includes credentialed counselors which are required to have a minimum Master's degree and/or a Doctorate level education. Additional certifications are required to fulfill the Center's strict requirements.

Mission Statement

"To provide service to those who cannot serve themselves in the North Georgia and Chattanooga communities. Our goal is to furnish those individuals, families and organizations who do not have the ability to obtain adequate help, the professional tools necessary to accomplish this task. Our primary focus is a faith based organization that will include professional and multi-educational counselors, community leaders, pastoral counselors, grief specialists, workshop and trained focus group facilitators that will lead, help, direct and empower those who need direction in life's ever changing environment. We will further endeavor to provide those who are indigent and cannot help themselves, a zero or low based fee that will encompass all of our resources to that end."

Locations include:

150 Old Mill Lane, Ringgold, Georgia     706-866-0917     fax - 706-866-0947

Project H.O.P.E., located in the Restoration House, Hwy 27, Summerville,


HOURS for the Ringgold office:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am to 4pm